Fresh Air

We went to a cabin in the mountains with Ian's family this past weekend.

It was fun, 
though in no way restful. 

Connor didn't sleep well. In fact, one of the nights, he was up for 4 hours straight. Didn't even bother trying to sleep. He just wanted to party. And since the walls were paper thin in the place, I stayed up with him, rather than just let him cry...though I did let him try the whole crying thing a couple times. At about 2am, I thought about packing up our stuff and making Ian drive us home. But, we made it through the night.

Some of the weekend highlights included:

* My sister-in-law taking me to get a magazine. How could I have forgotten to bring a book or magazine with me up to a cabin?!? That's like forgetting underwear.

* Renting a boat. Though I am pretty sure this was a low point for Connor. He wasn't down with the whole huge life jacket thing. Poor guy. It was for his own good though.

* Winning $67 at poker. I cleaned house. Usually I am not good at poker. But at the cabin, I was the winner.

* Wood fired margarita pizza. My mouth and my stomach were so pleased.

* Exploring the ski resort in the summer...when it was closed. We were the only people there. It was fun running around.

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  1. Awww, bummer about the sleeplessness. I enjoyed your observation that not having a magazine on a vacation like that is like forgetting underwear... That gave me a laugh, it's so true!
    The abandoned ski resort sounds super fun to explore.


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