Clean Hands

Connor does not like getting his hands dirty. He won't stick his hands in anything dirty. And if he falls and gets anything on them, he instantly wants me to clean them. We have recently taught him to rub his hands together, then wipe them on his clothes to clean them when he falls down. Its pretty cute to watch. Still, sometimes he needs his mom to really clean those hands for him. And lets be honest, mom likes to feel needed!

The other day they (some utility company) poured some cement right outside our house. My sister in law was over and thought it would be fun to put Connor's hand in the cement. Knowing that Connor won't even play with paint, I knew this would be no easy task. But we were ready to tackle it.

Connor's hand had to be held tightly just to get it close to the cement. And once he touched it, he tried as hard as he could to move his hand...thus not a very good hand print. But we tried and that's what counts, right?

I told you it wasn't a pretty hand print!  Anyway, I had to leave to go run some errands. When I got home, I went to check on the hand print only to discover the mean people at the utility company had come back by and smoothed out the hand print. Mean, mean people! Oh well, at least I have photo proof that we tried. 

That afternoon all I did was walk Connor toward the cement and he started freaking out. He obviously remembered what happened earlier in the day. Poor guy. He just wants to keep his hands clean. 

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