Please be forewarned, you are about to read the longest sob story of your life. But you were warned. So no complaining. 

Lately I have felt like my life is being filmed for multiple episodes an episode of punked, but Ashton Kutcher and the cameras never reveal themselves. Let me tell you about the latest saga...

I really had high hopes for this weekend. After all, it was Connor's first 4th of July. And we had plans to get stuff done around the house. The weekend started off great. We started Saturday off with a bang, installing a mister system on our patio and hanging some stuff in Connor's room. Then Saturday night rolled around and I started to not feel well. I went to bed super early because I felt so awful. Then the throw up came.

Now let me pause the story to tell you a little thing I learned this weekend. We have old school toilets in our new house (i.e. not the water saving kind, but the full bowl of water kind of toilet). I quickly learned why people got rid of these old school toilets. It has nothing to do with saving water. Oh no, it has to do with throwing up. You see, when you throw up in one of these old school toilets, it all splashes right back in your face and on your shirt. Not a pretty sight. But, I was already throwing up, so it didn't affect me that much. Though I am thinking we will definitely need to put some of those new, fancy low flush toilets on our list of upgrades to our house! But back to the real story...

So I was up all night throwing up. And sick all day Sunday. We had plans for a barbecue at a friend's for Sunday night. Ian and Connor went. I stayed at home, in bed, feeling sorry for myself and praying that I would be okay on Monday. Monday rolled around. The sun was shining, I was keeping food down and was ready to go. So go we did. We went to go pick up a new dining room table. On the way home from picking up said table, Connor threw up. Twice. And on the 4th of July. So not cool. Once again, we found ourselves calling some friends, informing them we would not be joining them for a barbecue and fireworks as our kid was now sick. So, we hunkered down for a night at home. We did try taking Connor out to watch our neighbor's fireworks, but he didn't like the noise. So instead, we put him to bed and enjoyed a quiet evening in.

Last night, I made a list of all the things I needed to do today. After sickness and activities, our house was a mess and there were errands to be run. And dang it, I was going to get it done! So this morning, I began loading the car with our stuff and while carrying Connor's car seat from the house to the car I noticed something moving on it. So I set it down and began to investigate. Connor's car seat was covered in ants (think hundreds, not just a few). Ants that came in our house to feast on the crumbs of his car seat. So I took the seat apart and brought it back in the house to clean. When I got into the living room, I discovered the ants had also attacked his stroller and were now all over the living room. I was devastated. At this point I really wanted the cameras to come out with people laughing at the joke...or at least someone to come over and help me clean my life the ants up. At this point in the story, I may or may not of had a slight breakdown. Okay, it happened. And it may not have been so slight. But I'm pregnant, so give me a break.

But, I am good now. Ian ran home from work and gave me a hug. And I called my mother in law and had her bring over some Taco Bell. Taco Bell makes everything better. The car seat and stroller covers have been washed and are drying outside. And the ants in the living room, well I have killed those bastards. I will not let them win.

After all that, there still were smiles to be had this weekend. Just look at that adorable face.

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  1. I'm a little late in catching up on your world...SO sorry to hear about this weekend! But so glad you are feeling better...and you're right Taco Bell does make everything a little better. :-)


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