We took Connor swimming in a big pool* the other night. Its been a while since he has been in anything like that. In fact, he hasn't been in a pig pool since Scotland. And, it appears he had forgotten what it was like.

He was happy when we were holding him and twirling him around. But he definitely did not want to get his head or face wet. And, he didn't want to be in any sort of baby flotation device. Just safe in the arms of mom or dad.

Hopefully as the summer continues, Connor will learn to enjoy a big pool more and more.

*big pool - a normal size pool.  Not a cheap plastic kiddy pool like I have in my backyard. Yeah, that's how we roll.


  1. I love pictures of all three of you together! You can really see how he's the perfect blend of you two!

  2. I hope my (future) baby is as much of a water bug as I was. I've loved pools and swimming for my whole life. Hopefully Conner learns to love it just as much!


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