Yesterday the doorbell rang. It was a Comcast guy. He noticed we have internet through them but not tv. So, he wanted to know who we had tv through. I explained to him that we simply did not have or need cable tv. This boggled the sales guy's mind. He asked if we even owned a tv, to which I responded yes. Then the questions came. What do we do if we don't watch tv? Doesn't our son want to watch tv? And on and on. Let me tell you, this isn't the first time I have been questioned about us not having cable. The thing is, it isn't anything new.

Back when Ian and I first got married we couldn't afford cable, so we didn't get it. As the years went on and we were then able to afford it, we no longer cared so didn't get it. Then we moved to Scotland where the winters are long and there isn't much to do during those long winter months. So, cable tv re-entered our lives. And it was great, for a season. Once Connor was born, I made a conscious decision to not have the tv on while he was awake. Him and I would watch the news while eating breakfast, but that was our tv for the day. I don't want my kid(s) to value tv, its that simple. Thus, when we moved to our own house, we decided to not get cable tv. It really doesn't affect my life. And I am pretty sure it hasn't negatively affected Connor's either.

So I am left wondering...
Are there many people out there like me? 
Any of you choose not to have cable tv? 
And if so, have you got weird responses from others about this choice?

P.S. Should I mention that we didn't have cable tv when I was growing up either? And we didn't have a tv in the living room. My parents didn't value tv much either.  


  1. I like the new header thingy at the top!! Cute!!

    We don't have cable. We couldn't afford it when we moved but now it's like we've gone without it for so long we don't miss it too much. C just misses it at football time. But he'll survive. I watch stuff of Netflix and on hulu so it's all good with me.

  2. hurray! we don't have cable either. and we have no plans of getting it soon. we do have a tv, and sometimes watch things on network tv (I love Jeopardy!), but if we want to watch a tv show, we can find it online, or we just don't need it. it would just be a waste for us. I didn't grow up with cable, and my children won't either, and we'll all be better for it.

  3. I think that's great! Growing up, at my mom's where we spent most of our time, we owned a TV but it was only pulled out of the closet for movies and it certainly didn't have cable on it. At my dad's however, the TV was often on but we weren't often at my dad's. So it was a treat like eating out. Or Doritos. I find that I put on Hulu and watch 10 minutes or so at a time of shows as I do something completely mundane like folding clothes. I like it because I can finish a whole season of something if I want (or not) at my own pace. None of this glued to the screen at certain times of day thing.
    As long as I have my laptop, I don't see the need for cable.
    It's real funny that the guy actually came to your house and pestered you though! How bizarre.
    Not that TV is really bad or anything but I think it's not a negative thing at all to not have it in Connor's life.

  4. I didn't have cable growing up.

    Phillip and I have NEVER had cable.

    We do have Netflix.

    And yes, the salesman did seem perplexed when I told him that we have never had or needed cable. He replied "wow, what do you guys do then??" haha! I then said, "not watch tv."

  5. We don't have cable and haven't for more than a year. We haven't really missed it. It's nice to not have the bill, PLUS we find MORE than enough stuff to watch on netflix.

    I haven't had people give me the spanish inquisition about it... how rude. Yuck to pushy sales people!


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