The Preschool Visit

Today we visited a local preschool for Connor. I was pretty nervous. I felt like we would be judged on how well the visit would go. And as you know, the wrong preschool could ruin Connor's whole life. So I was nervous to say the least.

I am pleased to say, it went well. Well enough than I am trying to forget that Connor had a meltdown when it was time to leave the classroom and I had to carry him out screaming his head off. Just a minor bump in the road. At least the preschool director was cool about it. She didn't even bat an eye. In fact she said she couldn't believe how quick Connor was able to bounce back from his meltdown. Um, thanks? 

When the director was walking us to the classroom that Connor would be a part of, he kept saying "I want to go to school" and I kept reassuring him that was in fact where we were at. When we got to the classroom, the director said Connor could go interact with the other kids. Without hesitation, he went right in. After a few minutes, one of the teachers asked what his name was. She said the other kids were asking and when asked what his name was, Connor would only respond back about the toys.  Nice one Connor! It was leaving this classroom that Connor had his meltdown.

Now we wait and see. By mid-March we will know if Connor made it in or is on the wait list. I am hoping he makes it in because I have heard nothing but praise about this preschool. Either way though, I am keeping my feelers out for other good preschools in the area as a back up plan.

I can't believe it is almost time for this adorable little boy to go to preschool. But I know he will enjoy it oh-so-much. He loves being around other kids. Hanging with his mom and little sis all day just isn't cutting it any more. Poor mama, already not as cool to Connor as I used to be. 

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  1. Oh man! He's getting SO big! I had the same problem apparently, when I toured a preschool. Jumped right in then threw a fit when we had to leave (my mom wouldn't let me stay until the end of The Little Mermaid! The nerve!).
    I am keeping my fingers crossed for him!


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