Its the Little Things

I have found my true calling in life. My world was rocked this weekend. I ask that you please hold your judgement until you know. Because when you know, you will understand. But, back to my true calling. I want to be a sweater shaver salesperson. No need to refresh your browser, you read that one correctly. This magical little device rocked my world and I want to see it change others as well. 

How did I go so long in life without such a cheap and useful little tool?! Seriously, it is less than $10 and works amazingly well. Lets not even talk about the fact that I have gotten rid of sweaters before when they had too many fur balls on them. Yes, I called them fur balls

I am such an instant gratification person, so I loved the sound it made when it chopped off the fur balls. And even better was throwing away the lint. It was amazing! You think that is a lot of lint for one sweater? On my next one, I had to empty the tray two times! Loved it!

I tried to do a little before and after shot for you. Just focus on the disappearing fur balls. Amazing. If you don't already own this amazing product, get one NOW. It will change your life. 

Stop laughing. Seriously. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


  1. OH MY GOSH. I was just looking at one of my favorite sweaters today and thinking how "hairy" it looked! SOOOOOOOO happy you posted this! A sweater shaver will be my next purchase!

  2. This makes me laugh because one year, Jordan bought me a sweater shaver as a Christmas gift. Something to pick up at the drugstore? Sure. Christmas gift? No. Let's just say that went down as one of the more lame Christmases ever...

  3. Woooowww! So cool!!! I never even knew!


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