Um, Yeah

I'm pretty sure when I went into this weekend I was thinking it was going to be a relaxing one. We have had so much going on lately and I was just looking forward to some downtime. Apparently life had other plans. Those other plans started somewhere around midnight Friday night (or Saturday morning, depending how technical you want me to get). Connor came in the living room and broke up our party by throwing up. He continued to throw up through the night and well into Saturday. 

On Saturday, Isla went down for a nap, like always. After a couple hours she woke up. I went to walk in her room and discovered the door locked. Now we live in an old house, with original door handles. And we discovered that the little screw that needs to be turned to unlock the door no longer had a head on it. Awesome. Isla was crying and we were plotting how to get in her room, doing the least damage as possible. In the end we broke off her door handle. Of course, it took a few more minutes to figure out how to get the door open. And Ian was not too happy with me taking pictures of the whole thing. But hey, it was my way of coping. After all, there was no way for me to comfort my crying child.

With Connor seemingly on the mend (though he still is on the mend...or still a little's all about how you look at it!) we sent the kids to my in law's house while we went out as planned. And it was a fun night. No drama there. 

Of course, Sunday morning was a little different. When Isla woke up, she was covered in diarrhea. As I was cleaning it up, Ian walks in the room. I was thinking "great, now you can help". He walked in to inform me that Connor had just done the same thing all over himself. Awesome. Into the bath the kids went. Poor Connor just can't seem to catch a break! 

Thankfully the rest of Sunday wasn't bad. Sure, Connor still isn't eating. And we broke a tool and the bathroom drain while doing our diy. But no throw up, so I'll take what I can get. Now I am hoping for a restful and boring week. 

- Insert a day break. I wrote the above on Sunday night and below Monday night - 

My restful and boring week is laughing at my face. I came down with the stomach flu. Have been in my bed (and with my face in the toilet) all day. Why no picture? Well that one is simple. I don't look anywhere at cute as Connor does when he is sick. 

Here's to hoping the flu doesn't spread any further in our house. And that I have enough energy and patience to get through the day alone with the kids. It's times like this that I really miss my mama! 


  1. oh man...this is rough!! hope health is restored soon!

  2. Oh no!!! Jessica! You poor thing! This sounds like the worst (except for the teensy time you guys were able to get out)! I hope your household is feeling much better very soon!


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