Isla {15 months}

Weight:  22.5 lbs (my measurement)
Length:  30.5 inches (my measurement)

12 teeth
Says numerous words (maybe 10ish)
Gives high fives
Climbs up stairs

Isla is at a great age right now. A sweet spot. Not so old that she is running all over the place, but old enough that she is sleeping well, babbling and just being freaking cute. This little lady is all girl. It makes me laugh. She loves her some bracelets, purses and patty cake. Oh, and let me not forget talking on the phone. She now swipes any phone she sees in sight. She puts it up to her ear and says "hello". So cute. A couple weeks ago, she managed to call my parents and had a couple minute conversation with them before I even realized what was going on. They loved it. As far as I could tell, she just said hello repeatedly. 

Isla is a little diva. If she doesn't get her way, she dramatically throws herself on the ground and cries. And it is too funny not to laugh. Oh the drama. It is so freaking funny. She is especially dramatic about me not allowing her to play on my parent's stairs. When I tell her no, her little lip juts out and she pouts for a few seconds before bursting into tears. Drama, I tell you. 

Though Isla loves other people, when she is tired, she is her mama's girl. BUT, the excitement on her face when her daddy comes home from work can't be matched. She runs from wherever she is in the house toward the front door, yelling repeatedly "hello". She loves her daddy. Speaking of love, Isla loves giving hugs now. She lays her little head on my shoulder and puts her arms around me. Then she pulls herself up, smiles at me and does it all over again. I have to admit, it is one of my favorite things she does right now. So, I let her (and encourage her) do it over and over and over again. Melts my heart. 

Isla is still not sleeping through the night so much. She does have nights every once in a while where she will sleep all night, but in general, she wakes once. And I really shouldn't complain because most of the time, she sleeps 13-14 hours at night. Even with one night waking (which is usually in the 4 o'clock hour), she is sleeping stellar. She is down to one nap now as well. It is in the afternoon. She usually goes down sometime between 1 and 2 and sleeps for 2-3 hours. Again, no complains there. 

Isla is a foodie and oh so easy to feed. She has been off baby food for months now...I think the last time I gave her any was when she was around 10 months. She eats everything we eat, but usually with a couple supplements on the side. And she isn't a picky eater. She has her moments, but normally will eat whatever is in front of her. Also, as long as I take her plate when she is done, she won't throw it. Otherwise, to the floor it goes. 

I just turned Isla's car seat forward facing in the car. I wanted to make it to 2 years, but couldn't stand any longer what was happening with Connor and Isla sitting next to each other, opposite facing. Think feet to face, pinching, biting and more. Car rides were always an adventure. And since Isla's convertible car seat could only fit rear facing in the middle, I decided to turn her around. She seems happy with it. And I am happy to no longer hear fighting/abuse during every car ride. And a bonus is, I can now easily see her and see what she is up to. 

Isla is one touch cookie. She has to put up with her rough brother all day long. She does a good job keeping up with him. I even saw her run after him the other day. Run! She isn't old enough to run yet! She also bites him. It started out as biting to defend herself and has turned into biting to get her way. We are trying to deal with this. Either way, Isla and Connor seem to always gravitate toward each other and the toys that they are playing with. Hopefully someday they will learn to play together and be best of buds...and great friends as adults, like me and my brother. 

Oh Isla. 15 months. It's going too fast. I know I say that all too often, but it's true. I have to admit, I enjoy you so much more with each passing day. I enjoy watching your personality emerge. I enjoy the hugs you give me. I enjoy hearing you talk. I love you little girl. 

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