Oh the Embarrassment

This little guy managed to embarrassment me so much today that I just wanted to crawl somewhere dark where no one could see me.

We went to the store. When we came out there was a handicap van parked next to us that was open with its ramp down. The people were getting ready to load someone into the van. I was putting Isla in the car. Connor took this opportunity to climb out of the cart and proceed to run up and down the van's handicap ramp. Once I got Isla in the car, I turned around to stop the madness and Connor proceeds to run inside the van and start playing around. Mind you, the people with their wheelchair bound son are just staring away...probably in amazement at my lack of parenting skills. I tried to talk Connor out of the van. That didn't work. So, I had to climb in these people's van and forcibly remove him. I tried to redeem myself by having Connor talk to the people, but he was angry about the removal by force and refused to talk. I apologized and got out of there as quickly as possible...I needed to stop the embarrassment. Oh that kid. 


  1. You poor thing! I hope you can lord that story over him for years to come!

  2. Oh man... this is one you will be able to laugh at in time...

    and it begins....

  3. Oh no! The joys of being a parent. Someday you'll look back and laugh. :)


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