The other day at my mom's group, the subject of preschool came up. After all, four of us have kids that are of that age, so we need to start thinking that way. A couple seasoned moms started throwing recommendations our way and telling us how things are done. I was blindsided. Apparently good preschools fill up fast. And enrollment/acceptance happens in March. MARCH?! I better get my butt into gear.  

This left me with the same feeling I had right after Ian and I started planning our wedding and finding out that some vendors are booked years in advance. That feeling would be a combination of shock and awe. Shock that things fill up that fast and awe that there are people that plan ahead that much. But there is another feeling that comes along with the whole preschool decision. It is like I am making a major life choice for my kid. Like if I pick the wrong preschool (or he isn't picked for the right one, or if I was too late) that it will be disastrous for his life. Now, the sane part of me know this isn't true. But the mother part of me feels like this is the biggest decision I have ever made. It doesn't help that other moms make you feel that way about it. 

Here's to hoping I get Connor in the right preschool and don't ruin his whole life before he even turns four! 

And just for kicks, here is a little interview I did with Connor today:


  1. absolutely loved the interview! still a major cutie pie x

  2. Brownies are my favorite toys too. ;) I like how it's fascinated with watching himself on the computer. Also, I expected your voice to be lower, but I don't know why...

    Geez, I didn't know preschool was stressful! I know Connor will be okay, no matter what school he goes to, or even if he goes at all!


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