Looks Can Be Deceiving

I know what you are thinking, "Aww, how cute. Jessica actually made her bed today and wants everyone to know." Though I am immensely proud of myself for making the bed AND washing my sheets today (after all, I did just have the stomach flu!) that isn't the point.

Tonight after Connor was in bed and finally fell silent, Ian went to check on him. And for a minute there, it appeared that the little tyke had disappeared. Alas, he had shimmied his way into our made bed and fell asleep.

Ian said he knew about the clean sheets and wanted in on the whole thing. Whatever the reason, I thought it was cute. It just worries me a little how dang close he likes to sleep to the edge of the bed. He likes to sleep this close to the edge of the bed all the time. Sure he has only fallen out of bed a hand full of times, but it still worries his mama a little.

After all the picture taking, Connor was moved to his own bed. Don't worry, I am sure it will only be a couple hours before he realizes he was moved and comes wondering back in. He is making his way into our bed almost nightly these days. And it is always to my side of the bed. I have a soft spot for it though. I can remember sneaking into my parents bed almost every night growing up. It was my dad that had the soft spot and always let me in.

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  1. They will all too soon out grow this wanting to cuddle stage!!!


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