Around the House

Lately a little house has been providing hours of entertainment for my kids. Seriously, hours. Everyone that enters our house must first be shown the house by Connor. Got that? House within a house. It's amazing that such a simple thing could provide so much enjoyment. The thing is made of cardboard after all.

It's only been up a few days now and taken such a beating. Heck, it took a beating within minutes of being assembled. Hello child attempting to jump through the window! Everyday I have to go at it with tape. And everyday, practically every hour, it is in a different position in Connor's room.

As for the coloring, you would have thought the kids would have been all over that. In fact, Connor was begging for the markers. Once they were out, he had no interest. He watched while my brother and I colored the house...for an hour! Who knew it would be so fun to color a cardboard house?! My brother just told me today, I need to come back over so we can finish coloring the house. SO MUCH FUN. I'm not quite sure why, but it is.

This has made me realize that it is about time I start stalking craigslist for the perfect little play house for our backyard. I am thinking my kids would love it. Plus, I don't think this cardboard one can last too much longer with Connor around. He climbed up on the roof. I kid you not. The roof of a cardboard house!


  1. That looks so fun!! Bonus points that Isla is playing in there too. Score! and shoot that looks like a lot of fun to color too.

  2. So cute and so fun! I want a cardboard house!


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