Thoughts On Staying Home

I never thought much about being a stay at home mom. Heck, I never even obsessed much about having kids until we finally decided to try. In fact, I actually thought I would hate staying at home. After all, I have always loved having a pay check (dual incomes rock). I have always loved getting promotions. And I loved coming up with something creative when people asked me what I do. 

Enter Connor. I enjoyed staying home with that little bundle of tears (poor kid used to cry oh-so-much) more than I could ever have imagined. I remember literally being physically ill when planning my entrance back into the working world. I just couldn't imagine someone else caring for my child. I couldn't imagine just leaving him behind while I headed off to work. Alas, life changed. We moved back to the states and that awarded me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom. 

Aww, the easy life. Sleeping in until...sorry I was dreaming there. Though staying at home is nowhere near being easy, it really has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. The pride I feel when one of my kids learns something new is unbearable. And seeing their adorable smiles really brightens my day. Now the poop and the temper tantrums are a bit of a downer, but every job has its down side. 

The thing I struggle with is when I meet someone new or see someone I haven't seen in a while and they ask me "What do you do?" In certain circles, I say with pride that I stay at home with my little bambinos. But other times, I almost find myself whispering that I stay at home. It almost feels like I have digressed, that I shouldn't be proud of my decision. The weird thing is, I don't feel this way. I feel blessed that I get to stay at home. I can't imagine doing anything different. I just need to get over my own self consciousness and say with pride that I choose to forego a paycheck to instead work pro bono wiping noses (and butts), making snacks, dealing with temper tantrums, playing with trains...heck, I can tell you just about any sort of technical term for various train things you would like to know! 

So hear I am, learning again as an adult to accept (and be proud of) me for me. I am doing a job I love. I am doing a job that I currently consider the most important in the world. So why should I care if I don't get a pay check and don't have a fancy title?


  1. i just went back to work and I so, so want to be a SAHM.

  2. Good for you! There's such an undeserved stereotype about being a SAHM... What you're doing is invaluable and noble. I don't think SAHM is for everyone but if you have the temperament for it, like you do, it's the best thing for your kids (and you). Who needs a paycheck? Your rewards are far greater.

  3. I just think of how much your children will appreciate the time you spent at home with them. I know I loved that my mom was home, even when I was at school. It's a deep desire of both mine and my husband's.


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