Aunt Carli's Animal

The other day I was driving along and Connor starts telling me that he wants to go see the animals. What animals, I ask. The animals, he responds. Having no clue what he was talking about, I remembered that my sister-in-law was in town with her horse. It would be the perfect opportunity to see an animal.

When I asked Connor what kind of animal Aunt Carli had, he quickly said "giraffe" before changing his answer to horse. Even better, he now calls the horse "picker". Her name is Pic Aree. Though that one is my sis-in-law's fault given that she told him it was like picking your nose!

When we got out to the horse, Connor was really excited. And I think Isla was just following along and didn't know what was going on.

Once Carli got her horse out, it was Isla who was really excited. And Connor, he didn't want to be close. Isla actually tried putting her finger up the horse's nose!

Connor finally warmed up. At first he wouldn't pet her, but only poke her...oh little boys! Then he got to comb her hair and he was excited about that.

Then he asked to sit on her and Carli obliged. As Carli was holding Connor up there, Connor asked her to let him go. It was funny. But she did and he seemed fine.

Then it was Isla's turn. She was really excited, but then again, she had been excited about the horse the whole time.

Now for what you didn't see. It was hard trying to take pictures and keep track of the other kid at the same time. I put Isla down and she started eating mud on the ground...I don't even want to think about what was in it! And Connor was so full of energy that he didn't want to stay in one place and we didn't want him to get kicked by the horse. So I was basically holding on to his coat with one hand and taking pictures with the other. Fun times!

Actually, it was a lot of fun. I'm glad the kids got to see a horse up close. And I am glad both of them did so well and weren't scared. Connor is still talking about it. Isla, not so much...but I am sure she is dreaming about it!


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