I'm not sure why, but Connor gravitated to the side of the garage all on his own. Kind of funny taking pictures with kids and just letting them do whatever. It is a social experiment of sorts. Isla generally only wants to be held and Connor just does his own thing. 

^^ And this picture just leaves me laughing. My mouth wide open, Isla flying out of the picture and Connor sitting down watching the whole thing go down! 

This week:
  • With temps in the 60's this week, we have taken full advantage and gone to the park three times. 
  • If I had money to burn, I would totally buy this ostrich pillow and use it just to see the looks on people's faces when I put it on...talk about a social experiment! 
  • Isla's hair is now long enough to rock pigtails. I love it. 
  • I "made" a wine rack out of a pallet and stained it. 
  • I tried two new recipes, both were a success and both made up by me - black bean tacos & ricotta, bacon & green bean stuffed chicken
Now I am looking forward to a great, sunny weekend. And Ian helping me hang my diy wine rack. 


  1. I love her pigtails... they are so great!! Can't wait for a girl!

    I want to see a photo of your wine rack!! Since we can't come over and see it, ;)

    and yes, you should most definitely get the ostrich pillow! I will secretly video tape people's reactions!

  2. I can't wait for the day my daughter can rock her pigtails too! Mmm, your recipes sound so yummy!

  3. her pigtails are killing me!! so cute!

  4. The kids are cute!!!! .... but i want that ostrich pillow! I will be traveling a lot very soon and i will need somewhere to lay my head! And the ostrich pillow will be perfect. My birthday is just a couple of months away!

  5. Connor just knows how to frame a great picture. ;) Share your recipes! I'm always looking for new ones.


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