It's the Little Things

Sometimes the smallest things in life can have such a big impact.

If you asked my 5 years ago what kind of door stopper I wanted, I probably would have laughed at you or rolled my eyes. More than likely, both. When we moved into our house in Modesto, all the doors had your average door stopper.

It took all of 13 seconds for Connor to learn how to untwist and thus remove the door stoppers. Thus every single dang door stopper in my house would go missing every day. Not such a big deal, right? Did I mention I have toddlers? And those said toddlers also have an obsession with the doors. And the doors without door stoppers were constantly getting slammed into the walls. Awesome.

Low and behold, for a whopping $3 each, I could change my door stoppers and my life. No more chasing down lost door stoppers and grabbing doors before the handle goes through the wall.

My life is now so calm and easy over here. So that may not be true, but at least I no longer have to worry about holes in my walls...well holes caused by the doors anyway!


  1. Seriously I need to get myself these. Austin loves flicking them and making that crazy noise. Allyson loves to steal them and I find them like 3 days later. Seriously, it's the little things like this that makes me happy!

  2. Oh man, who knew? Who knew it could all be better with such a small change? I love the little things.


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