Our Plumbing is Fixed...mostly

The plumbers woke Isla up at 7:15 this morning after she (and I) had a really bad night last night. But, I forgive them. They were helping us out, after all. 

Do you see all that is going on in this picture? All for little 'ole us. I mean, we got the privilege of paying to have someone come hold the electrical pole while the sewer pipe was replaced, just in case. It's like a dream come true. I love spending our money on things like that. Who wants a fancy vacation when they can be paying for...

In all seriousness, being able to flush toilet paper again after two freaking months is like a dream come true! I'm going to ignore the fact that the city still needs to come back and replace their section of pipe that apparently is blocked by a major root. And that could cause our plumbing to back up...so please come out soon city of Modesto!

Even if everything isn't totally fixed, it's close enough. I flushed toilet paper town my toilet today and it was amazing. 


  1. Yahoo! Celebrate the "small" things in life:)

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