The thing about weekly pictures is it points out how quickly life is going by when I already feel that way. The other thing about weekly pictures is that it documents every week that is flying buy with these two and I like that.  

And on a completely unrelated note, after seeing these pictures, I realize these jeans aren't the most flattering thing in my closet. 
^^ A lot of the time, I am left feeling I am getting more into things (like jumping) than the kids are! But hey, why be a parent if you can't use it as an excuse to act like a kid from time to time?!

This week:

  • I scored Isla some brand new Toms on craigslist for $10. I am so excited about that find. 
  • Isla moved up to the next nursery class at my moms group. Her and Connor's class have outside time together. Isla's teacher approached me about Connor being aggressive toward her, but not other kids. I guess it doesn't just happen at home! 
  • I slept until 10am yesterday. Amazing
  • Connor has become so much like a sponge and repeats e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.
  • I rearranged our living room. I am pretty sure I love it, so now need to rehang the pictures to go with the new layout. 
  • Apparently it was a week for house stuff. I also randomly decided to paint Ian's bathroom. 
  • Connor got his first, and then his second, set of little legos. I wasn't ready for the little pieces that ended up everywhere within a matter of minutes. Those new legos sets are now at my parent's house for Connor to play with over there. 


  1. What kinds of things is Connor repeating? I'm so curious. I love these weekly photos (as I've said before). It'll be interesting to see as Isla doesn't have to reach quite so high to grab your hand. Her hair is SOOO cute! And I love that you moved the legos to your parents' house already. Hahahahah.

    1. Most of it are things I say to him all the time, like the don't make a scene thing. It's pretty funny when he says the most random and grown up things. He said LA yesterday, like referring to Los Angeles (and my parents). I know he doesn't know what LA is, but it was about the cutest thing I have ever heard.

  2. Speaking of Connor being a sponge... has he repeated some non-savory words? ;)

    1. He only has once. We keep it pretty clean with them around. But the one time he heard a cuss word, he latched onto it immediately. I couldn't believe it.


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