Thanks to my brother for taking this picture this week. And just to prove that we aren't all smiles all the time, here's a little action shot for you...

Sibling brutality. Story of my life lately. Hopefully it won't last as long as it did with my brothers and I. And I am now starting to understand why my mom got so tired of us fighting all the time. It gets old. Fast.

This week:

  • Hello 70's! Thanks for stopping by for a couple days. I'm sad that you are heading back out, but excited for spring. 
  • Red cupcake crumbs have managed to wedge themselves in every tiny crevice in my house. Awesome
  • I let Connor play with the neighbor kids outside while I made dinner the other night. This was a first. And I was ok with it because I could see him from the kitchen window the whole time. I'm trying to let go a little. tear. 
  • I canned some pasta sauce. Oh and made more homemade laundry detergent. So domestic!
  • We seemed to have go through all the obvious series choices on Netflix. I normally am a comedy girl, but we have started The West Wing because our friends love it. Does anyone have any other recommendations?


  1. such a GREAT photo of you and the kids!! Love love love it!!

  2. Cute, cute, kids!! Love these!!

    Did Connor really bite Isla?

  3. Oh no! That biting picture looks like the moment before catastrophe. I'm so sorry! My brother and I fought a lot too... Also drove my mom crazy. But we're besties now! We stopped physically fighting when we were about 8 & 9 but it definitely dropped off a lot before that age as well.

  4. I love it Jessica! I hate to tell you though the siblingly fighting phase doesn't end anytime soon. I will encouarge you though by stating that the older they get the longer they can play together nicely. I have days where Stuart and Leah can play toegther all day long without fighting then the next day they want to kill each other. I think they don't stop fighting till they move out.

  5. Is Connor biting Isla!? I'm glad you have documented proof! C & I are going to look back at these photos and laugh. :)

    Netflix recommendations: Doctor Who (the new series, starting in 2005), Firefly, Workaholics (quite raunchy, similar to It's Always Sunny (though I've never seen IASIP)), and Portlandia.


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