The Main Bathroom {my house}

It only took almost two months to complete, but our bathroom renovation is done. This isn't to say that our plumbing is fixed, cause it's not...though there is light at the end of that tunnel. Anyway, the bathroom was actually complete two weeks ago, but I just got around to taking pictures of it. 

What we did was a surface renovation. The guts are still the same. We kept the flooring, the bath and tile (though ditched the shower doors), mirror and the cabinets. But everything got a facelift.

After stressing out over what color to paint the bathroom, I decided to go with the same color we have painted the main part of the house. It is a purple-grey color. And we chose a couple shades darker for the cabinets.  We chose a bottom mount sink and I am so excited about this. I wish I had taken a picture, but the original bathroom sink had years of filth built up in the tiniest of space between the sink and backsplash. I tried so many times to clean it out. But nothing ever worked. Not a problem anymore!

We were able to get a great deal on the granite countertop by choosing from remnants. In fact, that backsplash was more expensive than the counter. Weird, right? Just like the faucet was twice the price of the sink. Who would have thought?!

I am so happy that the cabinets are redone. Our house was a flip and we have had problems with the paint peeling everywhere. The bathroom cabinets were no exception. It is so nice to no longer have them peeling, and to have them brought into this century with new hardware! 

After going back and forth on a color theme for the bathroom, I decided to go with "colorful". Since this is our main bathroom (i.e. the bathroom the kids will use) I wanted it to be fun for them. I found some free printables online and got the frames at Hobby Lobby.

Originally I had my heart set on this ridiculously expensive shower curtain at Anthropologie. The thing was, I could not justify the price. I ended up finding this at Bed, Bath & Beyond and love it. It is thick and I love all the colors in it...and the fact that then it will match anything!

I originally bought this bird hook (from Hobby Lobby) for my bedroom. I had yet to hang it and decided it would look really cute in the bathroom for the kids towels. So I got another one. They make me happy every time I look at them.

Since there was no towel bar in the bathroom before, as the shower doors were the towel bar, I had to buy one. You would have been entertained by the sheer volume of time I wasted picking out a towel bar. It was serious business...and hard to choose. I finally picked one up at Lowes. It hangs on the wall behind the door. When the door is open, you can't see it...or the picture that apparently needs to be straightened! 

I can't believe I failed to mention what might be the best part of the bathroom. We got a new toilet! No more old school full bowl toilet! And let me tell you, I was happy about this a couple weeks ago when I had the stomach flu! I still remember when I was pregnant with Isla, throwing up in that old school toilet and having half of it splash back up onto my face. Fun times

Aww, my nice, new bathroom. Now we just need the plumbing fixed so we can flush toilet paper down the toilet and then have people come over and see the bathroom in person...because it is just weird to ask guests to not flush toilet paper! 


  1. Love the dark countertop!! It looks awesome!

  2. Looks great Jess! Better get another bird hook to have on hand for when you have more kids... :D

  3. Awww it looks great! That's such a cute shower curtain!!

  4. The backsplash is beautiful! It looks great! Liking the dark and bright tones.


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