Valentines Day 2013

Though I am not big on the manufactured day of love (i.e. valentines day), I am big on letting my hubby know I love him. Even if it is just in small ways, I want him to know how special he is to me. And now that I am semi-crafy, it is fun to make him things.

First up was red muffins. Connor loves baking so he was more than ready to get in on the action.

What I seemed to have forgotten since the last time I baked with Connor, is that baking with a toddler isn't alway easy. He was more interested in making a mess and sneaking tastes of the batter when I wasn't looking that truly helping. But, it is what I signed up for, so I'll go with it. Cause let's be honest, he is so freaking cute and how exciting he gets about it is irresistible. 

I am definitely pleased with how the muffins turned out. Not only did Ian then get to have a fun valentines breakfast, the kids and I did too. Of course, I really didn't think through this all the way. I now have red colored muffin crumbs all over my house. Time to vacuum! Story of my life...I am learning to be happy with vacuuming multiple times a day. 

Being the nice mom that I am, I did let Connor eat one of the muffins last night after they were done baking.
I came up with the whole red muffin idea on my own (original, right?! Sense the sarcasm.) and then pinterest helped me take it to a whole new level. Though I designed my own "stud muffin" graphic, I did get the idea from someone else...some nameless person in the sea that is pinterest...

After setting the muffins by Ian's work bag, I decided to take it up a notch. I ran and grabbed the "I love you because" board that we made at my MOPS group last week. It's all about presentation, right?!

 And I'm glad I grabbed the board, because in return, Ian left me a note. Way to make me blush babe!

I planned one more little thing to take to Ian at work today. It was a jar full of his favorite gum. And the note was another pinterest find that I made my own by redesigning it. I love it though.

So there you have it. My valentines day. I am not a flower girl, I think they are a waste of money. And I believe in telling it like it is, so I don't end up disappointed. So, I told Ian to come home tonight with some scrumptious cheese and wine for us to enjoy after the kids are in bed and I will be a happy gal.  

Happy valentines day everyone! No matter if you celebrate it over the top or not at all, I hope you enjoy your day and feel the love. 

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  1. Loved that he wrote back on the board!! So sweet!!

    Connor looks so proud of himself with his cupcakes!


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