Clothes for the Kids {Old Navy Style}

When it comes to my kids clothes, I am pretty cheap. I rarely ever buy anything full price. I always looks for sales and shop ahead so I am not in a crunch and paying full price. Why? They get trashed so fast and grown out of in a nanosecond. Heck, I've had my kids ruin outfits the first time they wore them. Talk about throwing away money! The thing is, even though I am cheap, I don't want my kids to look cheap. In fact, I enjoy dressing them...more than I enjoy dressing myself. Is that sad? Anyway. 

When the mailer for the Old Navy Kidtacular kids & baby sale arrived at my house, I already knew I was going to hit it up. Why? Because I am a sucker for cute kids clothes and literally could not resist the little girl's romper in the flier. And, HELLO, a sale! So the icing on the cake is that Old Navy so generously sponsored a shopping spree for me to get some clothes for Connor & Isla. Here are a few of the outfits I picked up. 

This wasn't the romper from the flier, but it was a romper I couldn't resist in the store. And, come on, Isla rocks it! 

Romper: Old Navy
Shirt: Old Navy (from the fall)
Shoes: Converse
** Isla styled herself with the bracelets all by her lonesome 

My plan was to get the kids clothes for spring and summer. I was suckered in to getting a couple winter items too. They were just too cute too pass up! In my defense, I did size up so Isla could wear the jacket longer! 

Jacket: Old Navy 
Skirt: Old Navy (from a couple years ago) 
Shoes: Stride Rite

And Connor, well I couldn't keep him out of the fun. Though I am not a fan of character clothing, I do like buying Connor clothes I know he will enjoy...i.e. if it isn't too cheesy, I will allow it

Both Shirts: Old Navy

Once you are done processing through all the adorableness, run yourself to Old Navy and pick up some adorable kids clothes for some great prices (hello, up to 40% off!). If not for your kids, grab some for mine. I kid. 


 I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. That romper is adorable!!!!! She's rocking those pigtails, love it! I like what you picked for Connor. Like you said it isn't cheesy. It's fun & he looks like he approves.
    Who do you like dressing more? I feel like I'm having more fun with boy clothes. It just seems easier so more fun?

    1. Honestly, I feel more pressure to dress Isla cute. But it bums me out how she will ruin an adorable pair of tights the first time she wears them. I think dressing Connor is easier and more my style. I love the whole button up shirt/jeans combo. And when he was little, I loved adding a v-neck cardigan on top of that.


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