Trivial {yet very real} Trials

It's been a rough week. One that has stretched me both mentally and physically. I have been dealing with a daughter who isn't even comforted by my arms at times. Teething, perhaps. We have had a few almost sleepless nights that leave me delirious and on edge in the morning. Then days full of restlessness and crying. As I was comforting my baby the other day and thinking about all I wasn't getting done, I was struck. I was actually doing my job right then and doing well. I was rocking my baby and that is just what I was supposed to be doing at that moment. Not doing the dishes piled in the sink (and all over the counter, for that matter).

I have been dealing with training a toddler on what is acceptable and unacceptable on how to act. Running away from mom in public (or private, for that matter)? Not acceptable. Saying thank you? Acceptable. Pushing, pinching or hitting your sister? Not acceptable. Throwing a fit when you don't get your way? Not acceptable. Having a conversation with mom about your behavior and responding like you understand? Acceptable. Three is hard. Yet has so many amazing moments as well. It seems like when I am at my wits end, Connor does something so amazingly adorable, I can't resist him. Today when going to do something fun, we were talking about how to act when the fun was done, he responded to me "I won't make a scene". I had to laugh, not only out of the adorableness, but out of the fact that I know that is something I tell him, don't make a scene.

As hard as this week has been, I wouldn't wish it any other way. These challenges are what I have always wanted. In fact, I cherish them so much. I always try to give myself the perspective that at least these adorable kiddos of mine are still talking to me freely, because I know those teenage years could kick me in the butt!

And then there are other reminders of all I have to be thankful for too. We have our health. We have happiness. We have a home. We have food in our cupboards. We have a good life. I am thankful for that. I am thankful for the trivial (yet VERY REAL) trials I face as a mother on a daily basis. And I am thankful for the husband that I have that is willing to give me a break and take over the parenting duties when I just need a break. I really am blessed.

P.S. Don't be fooled by these pictures of such a happy Isla. Yes, they were taken yesterday. But really, this week has not been filled with my normal, happy Isla. Anyone that has spent time with her this week can tell you that. 


  1. Sorry it has been such a hard week friend! Praying your days are much better this week!! Ah, 3 is hard, but so fun too. Totally. Good job to keep perspective though, it is especially hard to keep that perspective in those moments when biting is happening or tantrums are being thrown. When they say, "being a parent is a lot of work" that is no joke.

  2. I'm sorry it's been a rough week. Those photos of Isla are just THE CUTEST! I hear what you're saying about her not reflecting that currently but man, oh man, what a heart-melter. I hope this next week is SO less-trying for you! And I'm so impressed with your longer view of the situation.


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