My Name

So, my name is Jessica.

Growing up, it was always Jessica, never Jess and certainly not Jessie. I was always insistent about that.

Then Ian came along...

He called me Jess, which I am fine with.

He introduces me as Jess, which I am not as fine with (and he totally knows this).

And slowly, my name became Jess. But, I do still always introduce myself as Jessica and always sign my name as Jessica as well. I just see Jess as a nickname, hence the reason I don't mind being called it, but don't like being introduced as it.

Today I realized the magnitude of my name change when I went to visit someone at work. When I asked for them, I gave my name as Jessica. When they came down, they said it confused them as they only know me as Jess. And it hit me...

My husband has single-handedly renamed me!

So, just to make me feel like I have some control over my name, every once in a while, would someone humor me and call me Jessica?

And by the way, in no way do I not like being called Jess. It's just that my name has always been Jessica until Ian came along. And apparently that guy has some pull because he has everyone referring to me as Jess!


  1. Haha.... I never knew that you were not called Jess before you met Ian.

  2. Maybe you're gonna hate me for it, but I usually rename my friends :) I always liked when people had nicknames for me so it seemed to me like it'd make other people feel special. I even got my ex's family to start calling him my new name for him sometimes.

  3. Actually Rachael, I love nicknames. I think they are a persons way of showing affection. A family that I used to nanny for referred to me as "Ca" as that is what their baby called me. But I wouldn't want them to introduce me as that to others! I think it just caught me off guard when someone said they didn't know me as "Jessica".

  4. Jessica- hilarious, Richi did the exact same thing to me - I never introduced myself as Naz to his family but that's all they call me!


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