Doonies Farm

Connor and I went with a friend over to Doonies Farm in Aberdeen yesterday. I don't think it is a real farm...or at least not one that actually produces anything. It is really a farm for kids (and kids at heart) to come and enjoy the animals. You can feed and pet the animals. Connor touched a few...though it was more hitting them than petting them! And one of the horses kept trying to lick (or maybe bite?) him. Stupid horse! The most fun for Connor was the playground. They had some little tractors for babies. Connor rode around the yard on it...while being the good mom that I am, I pushed him!

And for all you germ-a-phobes out there, do not fear. I held Connor's hands after he touched the animals so he couldn't put them in his mouth. Then, he got a good scrub down before we left...they actually had a room to sanitize yourself (including shoes) before you left...and a bath when we got home.


  1. Oooohhhh, sheep! :-)

    You got me jealous of your day yet a second time in a row. This looks so nice!

  2. Sorry - this doesn't relate to the post!

    But would you be interested in a once-a-month blogging book club? I'm trying to gather responses from ladies I hope would be interested. If this sounds up your alley, send me an email at greencharkie @ gmail . com. If not, that's okay too.


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