Teething Sucks

I don't get it. I thought sleeping thru the night was a success. Then came this glorious thing they call "teething". Now my great sleeper is up two to three times a night. And the crying, oh the crying. I feel so bad for my little guy. The tears, the screams. And sometimes during the day he is only content in my arms. I know he doesn't feel well. And it makes for long days for both him and I. If anyone has any advice on how to get thru this rough patch easier, I am all ears!

Sorry for the lack of posts...but that is what I have been facing lately.


  1. Sorry to hear it Jess, teething is no fun for sure... I am trying to think what best helped my kids but I think both were a bit older when they started cutting & I don't recall not being able to sleep - course they ran fevers & were medicated... I remember Jonas loving popsicles - I bought sugar free & let him suck on em till his little heart was content - even made my own from Crystal Lite & tupperware molds. I also would rub the numbing stuff on their gums, pretty sure it numbed anything it touched though - like their tongues which freaked Jonas out & gave Reegie something to occupy herself ... sorry I am not much help. Bueno suerte

  2. Teething is such a bummer - for you and Connor. If you can get them over there Landon did great with Highlands Teething Tablets. They are basically just chamomile tea in a tablet.

    However, I usually resort to Tylenol or Motrin. Sometimes I hesitate to give Landon medications, but then RJ reminds me that they make him feel better, so why wouldn't I? Plus, then he sleeps great!


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