She's Crafty

Not, Not, NOT

Using the words "crafty" and "Jessica" in the same sentence should almost be considered illegal. I don't think I have a crafty bone in my body. Grand ideas, yes. Craftiness, no...which is ironic given how crafty my mom is. Anyway, a while back I picked up a dust ruffle that matched Connor's crib set on clearance. I had grand plans for that dust ruffle...the first of which, I am about to show you. I thought I would make a flag-banner of sorts with Connor's name on it. Sounds easy enough, right?

My first attempt was to use iron on printer paper. I would print out Connor's name and iron it on to the flags. I am a genius! Yeah, that didn't work. You could only see the blue lettering I chose on the white dots.

So, to the craft store I went. I had another idea. I would buy blue material and cut it into letters and somehow get it to stick to the material. Well, at the craft store, I discovered this iron on stuff that allows two materials to iron on to it...all of you crafty people out there are probably going, duh Jessica! I also acquired some blue fabric.

Now I had options. I could make the flags blue or polka dotted. I could do every other. After a phone conversation with my mom, I decided on blue flags with dotted letters. So away I went making my dotted letters. I ironed them on to the flags and they looked great. I was so proud of my un-crafty self. Then, when it came time to attach the flags to the rope, my plan fell apart. While ironing the flags around the rope, the letters began to fall off. Then I tried to super glue them back which I discovered two things about super glue:

1. it shows thru fabric
2. if you use paper to press on the fabric, it sticks

Now I was beginning to loose hope in my wonderful idea. It was starting to seem too hard. Then, my mom suggested that I attach the flags to the rope first, then iron on the letters. That woman is a genius I tell you! I did that and voila, finally something I can be proud of (or at least not ashamed of)!

I have to admit, I am trying to not handle it too much as I am afraid it will fall apart!

***The title of this blog makes me think of a certain Beastie Boys song, but given that the song has nothing to do with the blog post, I thought I wouldn't mention it. But, I couldn't help myself! I had to point it out!


  1. You Go Girl! I knew you could do it. . . now if your mom would just get the curtains done and sent to you :)

  2. What can I say, you'll always be more "crafty" than me! :)

  3. Kudos to you! Way to stick it out until the end. The finished product is very cute.

    I'm similar in my craftiness: good ideas, no motivation/actual skill.

  4. That's really, really cute. Looks like maybe there is craftiness hidden inside - keep these little projects up and it may come BURSTING out :)


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