Connor Making Friends

We went to the park today to meet up with some people from our church. One of the ladies invited along her sister-in-law, who has a little girl (Mia) that is a month older than Connor. Honestly, I was a little excited to watch them interact. I thought Connor would be thrilled about his encounter with another small person. Well, for about 30 minutes, they just plain ignored each other. I tried sitting him next to her, laying him next to her and pointing her out. Nothing seemed to work. Then all the sudden, something clicked and he went for her. He grabbed her feet, poked her in the face, in the head and crawled on top of her. It almost seemed like they were having a baby wrestling match of sorts. It was cute. I am glad Connor got to interact with someone his age and hopefully as he grows up, he will be a little nicer to the ladies!

Connor seems a bit more excited about the friendship than Mia does!

Maybe Connor just doesn't want to share his sock monkey!

Connor going for the tackle.

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