Hogwarts Express

This weekend we took a trip over to the west coast of Scotland. While there, we took a ride on the Hogwarts Express...also known as the Jacobite. It is a steam engine train that they used in the Harry Potter films for part of the journey to Hogwarts (it was in some of the scenery shots, but not used for the inside). It has also been awarded the most beautiful train ride in the world for both 2009 and 2010.

It was a good train ride. The most beautiful in the world? I wouldn't know. I haven't been on all of them! Some of the highlights for me were the train tracks being literally inches away from a river, the smell of coal (and the coal pieces coming thru the train window) and the train steaming up when we would go thru a tunnel.

When we walked down to the train engine, all Connor could do was stare. Obviously it was large and it was making noise. People seriously had to try hard to get him to look at the camera for pictures. It was cute seeing how into it he was.

Also, the weather held off for us. We had a beautiful train ride. On the trip back, the clouds started rolling in. About 30 minutes after we got back, it started raining. Good timing on our part (or God's)!

The bridge used in the Harry Potter films

Connor doing a little light reading on the train


  1. Sounds like you guys and Carli had a good time. It is cute seeing Connor in all these different places That is a really beautiful train.

  2. Dude, that's AWESOME! I'm super jealous of you guys! And I know you must get this all the time (probalby from me before too) but what a cute family you are!!!


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