Summer Fashion Week - Thursday

Today I have barely been able to do anything without a certain little man on my hip. As soon as I even begin to set him down, the waterworks begin. And all I can think about is that once these teeth are in, there will be more to come just around the corner!

While he was napping, I ran outside and snapped a couple pictures of what I was wearing. None of them turned out particularly well, but no time for another photo sesh. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Jacket: Roxy
Shirt: ?
Jeans: Citizens
Shoes: Converse high tops

Yesterday someone gave me some teeth candy and they are totally freaking me out. Honestly, I feel gross even thinking about eating them. So, I thought I would share them with you...its kind of like having someone smell something that you think smells gross!


  1. that jacket is adorable! it's great that you use a purple shirt underneath to play up the purple in the jacket. clever.

    & yes those teeth candies are terrifiyingly creepy. why would someone give you teeth candy? you must have nice teeth or something

  2. Your little man makes me smile. Conrad hates to be dressed and does that face everytime.

    That jacket looks really great btw.

    and EW! Teeth Candy? Gross!

  3. Very nice jacket - like it a lot. And I am jealous since you have so amazing curls!

    The little guy is at least perfectly styled, but needs to work at his attitude when posing for mommys camera ;-)

    The candy are ... argh. I would never eat them.

  4. It's hard to pull off a fashion shoot with a little one! You did a great job. Cute outfit!

  5. Have to say as a fellow curly haired chick I love how you rock you natural curls! Get 'em girl!

  6. Cute jacket! and im envious of your jeans. Can't wait for my casual Friday.

  7. Curly haired girls - we shall unite!

    I really like the purple shirt underneath the jacket. It complements it so well.

  8. Everytime I stop by your blog I notice (and love) that laughing picture of you holding your preggers belly. What a fantastic shot!
    Your jacket is great but those teeth candy are creepy...

  9. I love the converse shot. And those teeth look disgusting, I can't believe those are candy! (Bleh)

  10. Ewww I don't think I would want to eat those candies either! Cute outfit today!

  11. Eww, teeth candy!

    You've got "cute mom on-the-go" nailed. No one would know you'd had a teething-tastic day from looking at you! I just hope tomorrow is easier for you and your little man.

  12. HA! I'd gobble up those teeth candy in a heartbeat. I looove Roxy jackets and yours especially.
    P.S. Everyday, I'm jealous of your hair and I heart that first pic of you in your blog title so, so much (the others are great too, but that one takes the cake).


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