A Job?!?

That's right...I did it. I got a job! After

4 weeks (to the day) of unemployment
2 days of feeling sorry for myself
1 day of turning in applications (2 to be exact)
1 interview and
1.5 hours of "trying out"

I have landed myself a job! Yours truly will be working at Starbucks! The green apron is headed my direction! The store I am working at seems rather cool. It is a "community" store...doesn't get tourists or commuters either. It's main clientele is "mums with toddlers". I doesn't have bad hours...only open 7:30am to 7"30pm...that means no late nights or early mornings! The people (well the ones I have met) that work there seem rather nice. The store manager is actually from Finland. She has barely been at that store...only 2.5 months. And most of the other people that work there are new to the store as well. One of the guys I was with this morning, this was his first day at that store and another guy, his second. I guess they have been very short staffed.

I start on Monday...with all my paperwork...but she (the nameless manager) said the paperwork will take like 8 hours...I am scared! Then, my manager is going on "holiday", so I will be training at another store while she is gone. I am excited. This job came at just the right time. Ian will be in London for three days next week and I didn't know what I was going to do with myself...well, now I actually have a reason to leave the house! Go me!

I would like to thank all of you who have stuck by my side during this period of unemployment...I know it has been difficult on all involved. Okay, I am kidding! I am just so freakin excited!


  1. Yay for you! As if we had any doubt you'd score that job. :) GREAT hours and location. You'll have a ball with all the mums and tots! :) Tater tots? Hmmm...feelin' hungry. Way to go, friend!

  2. And BTW - Yes, this has been quite the ordeal and rather taxing on ALL of us. Thanks be to God that you're FINALLY, once again, employed. Get that girl a timecard! Sheesh. (Heh, heh...mwah!) ;)

  3. Congrats Jess! I am excited for you. I was just on the Starbucks website before coming to check your blog. Great minds think alike. Have fun.

  4. Congrats to you. Like I said on your space, we will find you:) Hope you get some tips so be nice!


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