Life in Edinburgh

This morning, Ian and I made our way over to the weekly farmers market. It is right next to the castle in the middle of Edinburgh. It wasn't quite as easy to find as we thought. Over here, streets aren't in straight lines like in the states...something you should be happy about...winding streets suck! Streets seem to zig-zag every which direction, go under and over each other. Needless to say, it's very confusing. Anyway, after over an hour, we found our way to the farmers market. We were able to pick up some good, locally grown items to eat. Produce over here is very different than in the states. I didn't even recognize most of the produce, except for the potatoes! I did venture out and buy a new veggie (of which name I don't remember) to try out. I am told it is similar to spinach. Most people steam it, but you can put it in salad. We also picked up some strawberries, 2 things of locally made jam and some meat. Organic, locally grown products are the thing over here. People care about the environment a lot and think it is ridiculous to buy products that need to be flown/shipped in. So, here is my attempt to jump on the band wagon and buy locally grown! I did buy some sort of meat pie from "well hung and tender". No joke...that is the name of the vendor! I am told that after I eat this "pie" I will be coming back for more. We will see how that goes...

I also wanted to touch on clothing styles in the UK, since some of you have asked. I have noticed that tights are a huge thing here. People wear them under everything...probably so they can wear more than just pants! The big thing seems to be wearing tights and short jean skirts together. I am not exactly the short jean skirt type of gal, but you never know! Also, scarves are huge. Now, I know this is a necessity, but they are different than in the states. They are thinner material and much wider. Kind of like a pashmina. Also, oddly enough, even when it is sunny out, people don't wear sunglasses. This has become another indicator of a bearing sunglasses! Shoes are also "the thing" over here. There are shoe stores everywhere. And, the stores are makes my heart so happy. Being around so many shoes at one time almost overwhelms me...ha, ha!

Okay, that's your lesson for today! Enjoy your country, while I enjoy mine!


  1. I can't wait to visit that castle! Thanks for fun facts, but I don't know about that meat pie. You are a brave one.

  2. Hey the European scarves are the best and only type to ever wear!!!!

  3. Hi Jess,

    I'll bet that meat pie is called a "pasty" and it had meat, potatos and gravey in one end and pudding in the other end. These were made for the miners, who had dirty hands and had no way to wash them in the mines at lunch time. So, with the thick crust on the edge, they could eat their lunch and desert and throw away the part that they held. A very british dish.

    Or, it could have been shepherds pie. If it was meat and veggies in gravey with potatoes on top.

    Anyway, it does sound good.

    Miss you, enjoy the fresh veggies.


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