24 Hours in London

I have now been in London for 24 hours. Things have not gone as smoothly as they should. The underground is on strike. Three of the lines are still open because they are operated by a different company. Thankfully, one of those three lines, is the line that goes to/from the airport. So we boarded the train (luggage and all) for the ride to our hotel. Normally, this ride (with 2 train changes) should take about a hour and a half. Well, it took almost 4 hours! It was hot in the train and very smooshed. This one guy even got his hand stuck in my hair! What I don't understand, is why in this day and age, people still don't wear deodorant. When the really potent people got on, you could tell...smell. If it is against your belief, you should at least go against your belief for the sake of those around you when you are in cramped, closed quarters! So, now you know my stance on deodorant.

Last night, Ian's birthday, we went out to eat at this place that served Tex-Mex...and it was yummy! Way better than the nasty Mexican food we had in Edinburgh...though not even close to Modesto's! Those of you from there, go eat some El Rosal for me and tell me about it...oh I miss it! Come to think of it, I didn't even eat E.R. the last time I was in town. That is like a sin. I go there every time I am in Motown. I blame Chandra!

Back to London. I went out today exploring. Walked along some river...it was called the "Queen's Walk". Went on the Tower Bridge, then went inside the Tower of London. Saw the crown jewels. There is a beautiful diamond in there that is 502 carats! It was nice! While I was looking at all these jewels, a thought came to my head...what a waste! Why make new everything every time there is a new king/queen? It is a waste of money (UK taxpayers money) and a waste of jewels. If no one is going to use these jewels anymore, it seems a shame for them to just get locked up in a case, in a vault for people to walk past them. We can't even take pictures! Poor wasted jewels!

I wanted to touch on me being such a tourist today. I am wearing a pink hoodie today. Let me tell you, no one in London wears pink! In fact, they don't wear color. Everyone was wearing black and white (no exaggeration) and I have never seen so many people in suits in my life. Needless to say, I stuck out like a sore thumb. But, I like my pink hoodie...hope people in Scotland like color!

Alright, that's it for now. Enjoy the pics. I wish some (notice I said some, not all) of you were here with me!

Just trying to prove to you all that I was actually here...and didn't just grap the pics from the internet!

The London Bridge thru the eyes of the Tower of London...and me and my camera!


  1. That is such a bummer that the underground was on strike!!!! Don't worry I always wear deodorant. :) And I will eat some El Rosal back in Modesto for you at some point. But have fun with the rest of your time in London. And enjoy your Pink hoodie!

  2. I love stinky sweaty people...Yummy! Don't remind me of El Rosal. Mexican food in the mid-west sucks! No Bueno!

  3. Yeah for the pink CATALINA hoodie! Miss you tons


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