Big Girls Don't Cry...

Okay, so maybe I stole that from a song, and maybe I didn't cry, but I am a big girl! I had a big girl day just to prove it to all of you! First, I am staying alone in a city where I know no one...take that! Then, I managed to find the Starbucks where I started my training today, all on my own! How big girl am I?

In case you wanted to know, the training went well today. One of the girls I worked with today is actually from the states! Made me feel like I was at home...ha, ha! At work, they made me take out my nose ring...gasp! I put it back in at every possible moment and the hole didn't close...don't worry you "Jessica nose ring fans"...I know there are so many of you! But, I guess that is what I will have to do 5 days a week; pull out the nose ring. They also wanted me to take out that hoop in the middle of my ear on my left side. I couldn't get it out though. I am supposed to have it out by tomorrow. But, being the clever person that I am, I am thinking that I will just put a bandaid over it...I'm so smart!

I would like to take a minute out of my blog to brag about the benefits here in the UK. Working at Starbucks, I get 4 weeks paid vacation my first year working there...I get 40 hours to carry me thru December! And, I get 2 weeks sick time! It really is the hard life! I don't even know how I am going to make it here! Ha, ha! I am excited about the nice vacation time. But, back to my big girl day...

After I got off work, I did another big girl thing and went grocery shopping all on my grown up am I? This is actually a big deal, since I don't like having to venture out into the unknown without the safety of Ian by my side. But I did it abnd got the things that I needed.

The last (well who knows; there may actually be more) big girl thing I did today, was seek out a new place to find free internet. My old faithful, Sofis, is having problems with their internet. So, I went to another place instead...Roseleaf. It isn't bad. Really old school looking inside, but they make a mean nachos! Did I mention that I am trying to eat healthy? Ha, ha!

Alright, well that is the synopsis of my "big girl" day. All of you who haven't had a big girl day, don't worry, one day it will happen for you too!


  1. Someone should get you a lolly-pop for being such a big girl all day long! I love reading your blog, Jessica. Except it makes me sad that I didn't take advantage of having you in California. We should have gotten together.

    Keep the posts comming. I am living vicariously through you as I slave away at my boring desk job each day.

  2. I love you! But if I was there what would you write about?


    Grace had a "big girl day" too! She went to daycare in "panties." She didn't wet her pants all day long! I'm glad you had a big girl day! I'm so proud of you for venturing out on your own! :) If you were my child, you'd get a fruit snack for being a "big girl." Maybe your mom will send you something!!! You should be proud Bonita!

  4. Here is a big smiley face for you... :) Congrats. And I am glad you found a new place for internet so I can talk to you!!! And just remember BIG GIRLS don't CRY instead they do everything on their own....but you forgot to mention your big girl cleaning of the bathroom!!!! HAHAHA
    And don't forget to Hoover the Floor! Love ya

  5. Hey Jess...How you holdin' up?? I had some friends from Ohio in this past weekend, so I haven't been online much at all. Kelly said you emailed her and she told me about Ian's mom. I am praying for you guys!!! I miss you!!


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