Gwen Stefani

Due to an intense jealousy I felt toward Katie and Angie for going to the Gwen Stefani concert in Southern CA, I decided to move to another country so I could catch the show here! And, let me tell you, what a show it was! Totally worth every minute of it! I have never seen a performer interact with her crowd so much. She talked about how her husband is half Scottish and her little man, Kingston, downing the blood pudding that morning. Then, she went on to thank her fans for giving her such a fabulous cool is that?!? She thanked her fans!

Then, at another point in the show, she came out and performed in the crowd. She actually did it rather close to where Ian and I were sitting. As I was watching her perform, I was thinking what a violation she has to endure to get up close and personal like that...people were touching her all over the place. Kind of weird, but I liked that she came out into the crowd.

That's really it...Gwen Stefani rocks! Enjoy the pics...

It's a lonely winter for us...

This song makes me think of driving to work...pumping up the volume in my car to "wind" me you know the secret to my chaotic self!

In the crowd...


  1. Oh, jealousy is a powerful emotion. lol. :) SOOO glad you got to go...AND that you brought you camera! You rule-breaker you. Guess it pays off, eh? Whatta show!

  2. jesica
    you are so cute! it looks like you are dressing warmer now....i enjoy reading your updates.

  3. Wow. Isn't she incredible. I thought her show was great and don't you just want to be her? lol. Glad you and Ian got to experience it especially in Scotland. Ahhh, the memories you are making.


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