Goodbye Training 'Bucks

Today I finished my time at my "training bucks". That means that tomorrow I officially start at my store. It's kind of weird. I liked it at my training store. Everyone that works there was really nice. And, it was on a street that just screams "Scotland". The street is narrow, the buildings old, and it winds around down you know what I think of when I think "Scotland". But, tomorrow I am on to another place. A place where no one knows my name...ha, ha! Okay, so maybe they do because I am on the schedule. I am sure everything will go well.

On another note, it is interesting to talk to people from here and hear their perceptions of America. Just like us visiting one area of a country and thinking we know the whole place, that is what they think. And, usually they visit weird places...think Las Vegas, Miami and the such. I was talking to this guy at work today about the differences between America and here. And it struck me, think how weird they would think things were if they moved to America. The Scottish would probably be perplexed to walk into a supermarket. Why are there 10 different kinds of cottage cheese? Where are all the potatos, carrots and onions? I swear those are the only vegetables in this country! They would be confused at the lack of public transportation, and the lack of vacation time! It's interesting to take a minute and see things thru someone else's eyes. Take a minute to do will be amazed!


  1. Food for thought! Thanks. And make those lattes proudly. You're going to do a great job.


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