Our New Home

Well folks, it is official, we are finally living in Edinburgh...real address and everything! We took over the place on Saturday. The owners left many of the things that we will need to live there. But, we still have a list of "must haves" for the place. We set out shopping on Saturday and only ended up with three items. Shopping here isn't like in the states. We couldn't exactly walk into a Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond and get our "must haves". No, we had to schlep from store to store, never finding some of the most important things on the list. For example, never stumbled across an alarm clock, kitchen towels or a decent lamp. We did manage to find a laundry hamper and a wonderfully scented diffuser from The Pier...their version on Pier 1. This buttercream vanilla diffuser is working its hardest at getting the scent of the old residents out, making if feel more like home. The old "scent" wasn't bad, just not home. Know what I mean?

Once our shipped possessions arrive, hopefully in the next couple weeks, the place will definitely feel more like home. I shipped some various "necessities", like photo albums, picture frames and oddities for the kitchen. Also, let us not forget...all my freakin clothes, though I am missing my shoe collection the most!

Though it isn't a townhouse in say, Pasadena...it will do! Enjoy the pics...

This is the front door. You enter the building, then our door is down some stairs, on the left.

This is our bedroom...the bed is only a double. They don't have queen size beds here.

I wanted you to see the size of the closet...very small. If you can imagine, the one in the spare bedroom is half the size of this one!

The bathroom...it has a shower/bath combo. I shipped over a shower bar and curtain. I will be happy when that gets here...I just don't get why they don't use those here.

The kitchen. It is it's own room...only connected to the hallway. That is how everything is though...no such thing as an open floor plan here!

Last, but not least, the washer/dryer combo. I wanted you to see this because I am sure in the coming months, there will be plenty of complaining about it! You can only put about 5 items in it (yes, I said 5) and it takes about 6 hours to do its thing...I think this will (and already is) drive me mad!


  1. Have fun with that washer and dryer!!!!!!

  2. oh my what are you going to do with all of the clothes you shipped? You don't have enough closet space!

    cute place though - combo washer/dryer will be an adventure

  3. Is your washer/dryer in the Kitchen?

  4. This place while small, looks hip and modern. Clean! That's the word. It's time to simplify your life...and maybe watch some HGTV. lol. They have great ideas for small spaces.

    Congrats on the new place.

  5. Hi Jessica!! Yea! I am so glad you have a place to settle for now... keep telling yourself, its and adventure! I have to say, you are thought of often and missed.

  6. LOVE it! :) Oh, you're SO European, now. Um...where's MY room?


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