Getting Around...

Livin' in most places, except LA, public transportation is the main mode of transportation. This is the case for Edinburgh. They are currently working on putting a tram system in, but for now buses work. Being the "cool kid" that I am, I have a bus pass. Really, it takes me where I need to go. Ian and I live right on a main bus route. The bus stop is less than a block from our house. The bus line we live on runs 24 hours a day...though after midnight, my cool kid bus pass doesn't work anymore...I found that out this hard way this past weekend.

Really though, buses will take me anywhere I need to go (I know I already said this). The only problem is, you can't really buy a ton of stuff and schlep back onto the bus with it...sometimes a car is just more convenient. For instance, Ian and I went to Ikea yesterday...the bus trip took about an hour (we probably went 10 miles...I never said buses were fast!) We bought a decent amount of stuff...but not more than we could carry! It sucks not being able to push a cart straight from the store to your car. No, for us bus riders, we must carry everything. Think about what a strain this puts on your normal life. Like most of you, once a week (or sometimes even less) I would take my car to the grocery store...I would load up on all sorts of goodies, then drive home. Well, now I walk half a mile to the grocery store...and really it is 1/4 the size of the ones in the states. I have to make sure I don't buy more than I can carry. Then, I have the privilege of carrying everything half a mile back home. Things start getting really heavy!

Here is my take on all this hard that I have to do all this "manual" labor, the gym is no longer necessary. I get plenty of cardio in thru my daily walks and the shopping I do...then carry home...does a good job of toning those muscles! But, we will see how long I can avoid the gym, eating all this good fried food!


  1. American's are fat and lazy according to your adventures... :)

  2. Have fun walking..... Just wait until it is freezing cold!!!! And watchout for creepy people on the bus..... But im sure there are none of those in Scotland.

  3. Yeh, it'll take SEVERAL of those outings to work off the deep fried Mars bars. Ooh, yummy. :)


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