Goodbye & Welcome Home - Part 1

I am sitting here, in 19D, on the last leg of my flight to Scotland. I have just left the land of opportunities, the land of the brave and have no clue where I am headed. What I mean is that I have no clue what Edinburgh will give me in life.

Today I said my goodbyes to my mom, dad and Riley. I was feeling nervous, so goodbyes are hard under those circumstances. But, I know they know that I love and appreciate them. Leaving Riley is the saddest because she doesn’t understand. I know she is only a dog, but she is the coolest dog there is…seriously! Even you animal haters would love her!

As I leave, I feel sadness. It is hard to understand this sadness. I will still be able to talk to and email people as I wish. But, there is something hard about not being able to get in a car and drive to see the people I want. I will no longer be able to cruise around LA and see my friends down there. No more lunches with the entourage. No longer will I be able to drive up to Motown to see my family and friends. I won’t be able to see Tanner every once in a while. See how he has grown and changed. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when I think about the human touch, it is worth so much more. I will miss that. I even made my dad promise that if I needed, he would come visit me in November (his month off of work). I will definitely miss the human touch.

As I sit here in 19D, I think of all that I am leaving behind….I can literally see all the things and feel like they are still there (my house, car, work, Riley)….but I keep looking ahead and think about the future. There will be new friends (not to replace the old, but to add to the bunch), a new job at who knows where, new places to hang out, new everything. I try to look ahead so I don’t feel sad. It’s hard though, thinking about all I am leaving behind.


  1. Poor Jess. I feel for you, truly. To have to give some much up & all @ once. Well, @ least you are going somewhere cool. I understand on some sort of level what you're going through. Ohio often feels like another country. .

  2. you have arrived! Well at least in Scotland - I don't think you have arrived in life yet he-he :)

    we miss you but I am sure you are enjoying the moment and that Ian is glad he has his roommate back!

  3. Jess, I hear there are a lot of beautiful castles in Edinburgh. Try to think of this as your "Royal Promotion". You didn't even have to die and go to heaven to get it. :)

    Many Blessings to you and Ian.


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