Callum, the first 24 hours

Callum Robert
December 9, 2015
7lbs, 14oz,  21 inches 

My labor and delivery ended up being much longer and more complicated than I thought…or really than anyone thought. The midwife thought I was going to deliver at like 6am, but Callum wanted to keep us guessing. Just like I did with Isla, I was able to grab Callum as he was coming into the world. And I was the one that announced that he was a boy. In fact, they all seemed shocked that I knew so quick, but I got a peek as I was bringing him up to my chest. The midwife and nurses were awesome. They did delayed cord clamping. Ian cut the cord. And Callum was checked out while in my arms. It was a great, albeit quite stressful at times, experience. I can't be any happier over having this little boy in my arms. Now enjoy some photo goodness of Callum's first 24 hours. 

^^ We didn't tell anyone that Callum was a boy until Connor and Isla came and found out. It was fun waiting and letting them find out, then telling everyone else.

^^ Connor and Isla were super excited to meet Callum and check him out. They wanted to check out everything about him. Connor immediately told us he didn't like Callum's name and two days in, still refuses to call him it and instead calls him Robert. 

 ^^ Both the nurse and pediatrician that came while Connor and Isla were visiting were super great about involving them. They let the kids listen to Callum's heart and check his temperature. The pediatrician even asked the kids to introduce him to Callum. It was all really sweet. And I was slightly surprised how sweet and involving all the staff were with Connor and Isla. 

We were able to leave the hospital just after Callum hit 24 hours old. I don't remember this with Isla, but apparently there are a bunch of tests they run at the 24 hour mark. So after the tests were taken and we got the bilirubin results were back, we were free to go. Callum cried as soon as we put him in his car seat, but quickly settled down. Now we are at home and Callum is getting used to being the third child…being manhandled constantly and living life in a house that rarely quiets down.

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  1. Awwwhhhh!!! He is so dang cute!!! The family is complete now😍😘 Love Callum's little face💕 glad everything went well!!


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