Twas the Day Before Thanksgiving...

The morning before Thanksgiving was a crazy one for me. Both kids had school Thanksgivings. Connor had a performance at 9…the exact time I am supposed to drop Isla off at preschool. And her school isn't one you can take kids early. Thankfully, her teachers allowed me to drop her off early that morning and let her chill with them while they were getting the class ready. Connor's class performed three Thanksgiving songs. Connor participated in the hand movements for every single song, but did not sing one single word. He was particularly animated for one of the songs and got a lot of laughs out of the audience…and I got some comments from parents later. Not unusual for this kid! Now, since his performance, he has sung the songs with movements for his grandparents and some others. I think he just must not like singing in front of groups of people…though obviously don't have a problem with attention on him, given how animated he gets. 

^^ Isla and her friend Gracie. They have been good little friends at school since last year. 

^^ Sweet mother, daughter pictures

^^ What taking pictures with Isla really looks like. I ended up with several pretty funny outtakes…think her lunging toward the camera or squeezing my cheeks. The good news is, holding her while trying to take pictures is an ab workout all of it's own…hence the reason I haven't worked out at all this pregnancy…haha

I had a doctor's appointment across town between the kids Thanksgiving shindigs. Thankfully they weren't running behind that day, so timing ended up not being an issue. At Isla's Thanksgiving thing, they performed two songs, then we had a Thanksgiving feast…like an actual Thanksgiving dinner. Isla did well singing. She literally didn't look away from her teacher the whole time. She looked extremely serious, but sung and did all the had motions. She wasn't quite as interested in her feast. She did eat some turkey and fruit though. She was more excited about them being able to take home their owl crafts that had been hanging in the class for a couple weeks. That literally consumed her thoughts. She didn't want to waste her time eating and just wanted to get her hands on her owl. 

It was a good, albeit busy morning. It's always fun to see the kids differences in personalities come out in things like performing for audiences. And it's always fun to watch them beam with pride to have us come to something at their school. 

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