Same Hat, Different Boy

^^ Connor at a week old 

^^ Callum at a week and a half old

It's been fun pulling out Connor's old clothes and putting them on Callum. Connor asked to see a picture of him in a particular outfit a few days ago. When I went to find it, I was struck by just how much Callum looks like baby Connor. They have the same shape eyes and sandy blonde hair.  Ian said the problem with sharing clothes is then we will have a hard time telling the kids apart in old pictures. I beg to differ because most of the pictures I took of Connor I used a flash with, so I think we will be able to tell! Plus, after a month or two, babies really stop looking like babies and start looking like themselves and I am guessing then we definitely will be able to tell them apart. But, I do have a feeling I will be looking back at a lot of pictures of Connor over the next several months as I dress Callum in his clothes. And since I am a sap, I totally love the walk down memory lane.

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