Grinch Fun Run

A week ago, we took the kids downtown to the Grinch Fun Run. We told them about it ahead of time and talked about how they needed to chase the Grinch to keep him from stealing Christmas. That morning, I let both the kids pick out their outfits, but told them they needed to dress festive. Isla wore completely inappropriate shoes for running (cat ballet flats) but she said they were running shoes, so I went with it.

The event itself was totally chaotic and not well planned out, but the kids didn't seem to notice and still enjoyed themselves. And Connor was totally stoked about his running number and participation medal. Isla was just stoked about life (aka: full of energy), so you know.

Callum was safely nestled inside of his stroller and slept through the whole event. I am glad he stayed asleep because it was actually quite cold outside. Connor and Isla refused to wear coats, making it seem warmer than it really was, but it was a pretty chilly morning. Maybe all the running (the fun run was only two blocks) kept them nice and toasty.

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