Callum {1 week}

I don't even know how to begin to describe how much I am loving having a newborn in my arms. Maybe because it's my third and I am just more relaxed, or maybe because life just has to go on because, well, things are busy with the other two finishing up school before Christmas break, but I am really relishing having a newborn around…just slowing down and staring at him as I feed him. It's fun having him sleep on my chest. I enjoy hearing the little squeaks he makes. Even his little cries are adorable. All of us get super excited when he opens his eyes…he is opening them more, but still doesn't open them super often.

Callum is obviously a part of some sort of baby eating contest and nurses around the clock, very often. He gets hangry and will be so upset that he can't even latch on. And I find it funny at times because he will have literally eaten like the hour before. He prefers to sleep on his belly…I have deducted this by the length of time he stays asleep. He also prefers to be held upright, as opposed to laying down cradled in someone's arms.

Connor is very into Callum, always wanting to hold and touch him. I have already walked in on some sweet moments of Connor just staring at Callum as he sleeps. It really melts my heart and I totally didn't expect this from Connor. Oh, and Connor still isn't really using Callum's name. I have heard him say it a couple times, but he mostly calls him "baby" and if I ask Connor his name, he will still say " I call him by his middle name, Robert". Isla, on the other hand, doesn't touch or hold Callum as much, but loves to interact with him. She loves to talk to him and share her stuffed animals with him. She also let me know the other day, that though Callum is small, he is still bigger than an ant.

We are all smitten with this little man in our house.

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  1. So so cute!!! Love the pictures and just love newborn babies!! He's so adorable. <3


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