Three Kids

The transition to three kids has been a lot easier on the older two than I thought. They both are so smitten with Callum. They constantly want to see the poop in his diaper when I change him, want to lay next to him and talk with him. They always want to know where he is and be with him. It really has gone well. I am still getting used to having three kids. My house is a mess. Every time I get a handle on it, I sit down to nurse Callum and it becomes a disaster again. I have only been managing to make dinner again for the past week. And I have learned that crock pot meals are my best friend because as long as I get them in the crock pot sometime in the morning, they will be ready for dinner. The real test will be when school starts back up in a week and a half. And really, it isn't a test for anyone but me…it just means I actually have to get my butt out of bed at some ungodly hour to have all of us ready in time for school. In the mean time, I will enjoy our lazy mornings and trashed house. Because, really, it means newborn snuggles and I can't get enough of those before they are gone.

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