40 Weeks

Well, I've made it to the invisible finish line…now to see how much further I will go. Up until about two weeks ago, I was feeling pretty awesome. But between the nonstop braxton hicks contractions and the baby stretching itself out from top to bottom, I have been feeling increasingly more uncomfortable. I have to say, I feel lucky to have made it this long feeling so well though. I actually convinced myself this baby was going to come early with all those bh contractions I've been feeling and given the fact that I've been dilated a bit since 36 weeks. No such luck though. What can I say, I make quite the hospitable home.

You should have seen the looks of pity I got during the school run on Monday. Apparently everyone thought I was going to have the baby this past weekend. No such luck. I am holding out for tonight…it is my due date after all…hey, it could happen!

On Sunday, a little boy pushed in my belly button and said, "Your baby is sticking out." Oh, the innocence of children! Of course, I can handle cute things like that from kids a lot better than I can handle the comments from adults. If I get asked one more time, "Are you going to have the baby today?", I may slap someone. I can't predict the future folks, so stop asking!!! But if you want to offer me some chocolate, or perhaps offer to watch my kids, or just tell me I look good, you will be on my good side. Just saying.

In case you care, here is how I felt at 40 weeks with Connor and at 40 weeks with Isla. Maybe this baby is a boy, given that I had a lot more of the pregnancy rage going on when I was pregnant with Connor than with Isla and I am totally having it again this time. Soon, very soon, we will know what this little babe is.

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  1. You look sooo amazing!!! Beautiful beautiful mama. Can't wait to meet the newest little bean (digitally!) big love xxx


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