40 Weeks

Went to see my midwife this morning. She said the baby's head is engaged...it could happen tonight; it could happen in two weeks. Two weeks?!? Anyway, she ordered me to "beer, sex and curry" this weekend...only in Scotland people, only in Scotland! She also informed me that should this baby not come, she has already scheduled me to be induced on the 16th. The 16th!?! That is like 12 days away! I want this baby to come before then. Come on baby, listen to your mama and COME NOW! The midwife ended my appointment by telling me that I was "a poster for pregnancy" and if everyone looked like I did, more people would be having babies. Really?!? That wasn't reassuring for me. It actually made me think about a couple years ago when my friend Katie was pregnant. She looked beautiful and perfect. We all used to tell her she could be a pregnancy model. She never quite seemed to take it as the compliment we meant it to be. I now fully understand. I just want this baby out. I don't want to be a poster for pregnancy. Just make the misery stop and get it out!

Oh, by the way, I am totally patient about this whole thing!


An open letter to my unborn child...

My dearest firstborn:

As your mother, I have cared for you within my own body for the past 40 weeks. I have eaten better and taken care of myself to the best of my ability, all for the sake of you. But as you have grown, so has my discomfort. In the last couple weeks, the stretch marks have come along and this pelvic pain is just killing me (which I'm told is a sign that you are coming). But, I have been able to overlook it all, just for you. Well...I am able to overlook it all, until now. The time has come for you to check out of "hotel uterus" and enter the world. Give mama her body back (well, most the way back!)! I upheld my end of the deal (40 weeks), now it is your turn to uphold your end by coming out.

There are so many people waiting out here to meet you. You have a big comfy bed waiting and your very own sock monkey! I have scrubbed the house down and your dad is going to take some time off work to hang out with you. Now, all we are doing, is sitting around waiting for you. Its up to you to make your entrance. I am sure it seems scary, but I promise you, you won't remember a thing. Plus, life really is better on this side of my body. You will get to be dressed up in clothes that people who love you have sent, wrapped up in some warm, fuzzy blankets and your grandma is coming to visit very soon.

So, my child, it is time. Time for you to do whatever it is you do to make your appearance in this world. I promise you won't be disappointed once you arrive.

Your impatient mom


  1. Hang in there Jessica! It will be over soon, I promise! Baby G cannot stay in there forever! Just think how healthy and beautiful Baby G is. You look amazing! I wish I could have your pregnancy. Do you want to be pregnant with this baby for me?

  2. Hang in there Jess. I'm praying for Baby G to leave the "uterus hotel!"

  3. As our V-doctor said, I never had a pregnant patient that never gave birth! Jess and I are excited for you guys.

  4. Here is to hoping... if it makes you feel any better @ all I was told the same thing with Reegan - saw Dr. A & was told could be tomorrow, could be 2 weeks - she came the next day within 12 hours of the time I left the office

  5. my lamaze teacher gave the same advise (spicy food...curry - all the same) and once Xander arrived his pediatrician strongly encouraged the beer to help the milk come in...while I avoided the beer I did make cookies with brewers yeast more my speed :)

    looking forward to Baby G pictures!

    love you!

  6. Hang in there sweetie it won't be long!!! Miss and love you!


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