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On Thursday night, Ian and I went to a pumpkin carving party that someone at his work hosted. Somehow, I ended up winning for the best pumpkin...a five-legged spider. I didn't mean to make it only have five legs, but that is what bad planning will do for you! Anyway, I think I won just because everyone felt bad for me, being hugely pregnant and all!
My five-legged, contest winning, spider pumpkin. I didn't even vote for myself!
Ian's pumpkin. The face is sideways. The eye is supposed to be the sun and the mouth the moon...I think it required too much interpretation for people to "get" what was going on! Poor Ian. He gets an "A" for effort.

Deciding to put our pumpkins to use, I bought a bag of candy and lit our pumpkins for halloween. We actually had 20 kids come by! I know this because the bag of candy had 25 pieces in it and we had 5 pieces left. Even in my state, I was able to figure out how many people came by! I have to admit, I was hoping a few less kids would come by so I could eat the leftovers...so selfish of me, I know.


In other news, the baby is still inside me and showing no signs (at least that I recognize) of coming out. Ian is convinced it will be born on Wednesday, which is its due date. As long as it decides to come out in the next few days, I will be happy! I feel like I have had a relatively painless pregnancy, up until a couple weeks ago. Now this baby seems to be jabbing my lungs and making me uncomfortable like no other. And, starting a couple days ago, I now get this pelvic/hip pain. So weird. But, I am thankful that all this stuff has only hit at the end and not caused trouble throughout.


Ian and I bought a car this weekend. But, since car buying works different here, we don't actually get our new car until Tuesday. It has to do with them actually getting it registered...plates and all...before we get it. But, buying a car here is a much different experience than in the states. First off, new cars aren't kept in stock. They have to order them for you, which can take months. We actually bought the car off the showroom floor. We weren't fussy about colors or anything, just desperate for a good mode of transportation! Also, they let us test drive the car, by ourselves (no salesman in the backseat) and didn't ask for a drivers license or anything. And getting a loan, no problem. It was like a five minute process, with them asking very little information. Honestly, it was all so different. So trusting. I am not used to people being so trusting. Anyway, on Tuesday, Ian and I take possession of a shiny new black VW diesel Polo...I don't think those exist in the states. It gets 53 mpg in the city and 75 mpg on the highway...not too shabby! And, being the smart people that we are, we even took our car seat down to the dealership to make sure it fit in the back seat before signing on the dotted line (come to think of it, I never signed anything!). We had to check after all, the car is a "supermini"...I don't think there is even a class of car called that in the states. Oh well. All that to say, we are happy to finally have a car and finding one turned out to be easier than we thought, and really not as hard on our bank account as we thought. So, I guess its a win/win situation.

This means...next up, me getting serious about getting my "full" drivers license. I think I am going to try to take the written test while my mom is visiting and take the driving portion after the new year...that's the plan at least. That way, me and baby don't have to walk everywhere in the wonderful winter weather!

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