41 Weeks

They say that pregnancy is supposed to end at 40 weeks, apparently that isn't the case for me. In my original plan, I actually thought the baby would come a couple days early. After all, I came a couple days early (and to this day am obsessively early to everything), and doesn't the baby want to be just like me?!? Okay, so maybe not. But even a week ago, I thought the baby would only last a couple more days, not a whole other week!

Then today I went to see my midwife and lost a little more hope. I am only 1cm dilated and baby is still sitting rather high up...it seems to enjoy its home and doesn't want to come out! Though I did get one good bit of information. My midwife said the baby seems to be a nice, small size...this gave me hope as I was sure the baby was going for the title of World's Biggest Baby! When leaving, my midwife said, I will see you and baby next week. Since she takes over mine and the baby's care the day we get out of the hospital, I am pretty sure she thinks I am going to have to be induced. INDUCED. It is a word I have feared for months. It means harder labor and most likely an epidural. Which then means, time in the hospital, in one of those rooms with five other women (yes, you read correctly, six women and their babies to a room) and Ian can't be with me at all times. But, I need to not build it up in my head. All I need to think about is this baby will be coming out of me sometime in the next week.

My induction is all set for Monday at 2pm. And, according to my midwife, they won't let me go home until the baby comes out! That is a little reassuring. But I still have to wonder, baby, why are you so resistant to coming out?

So all of this leaves me, once again, sitting at home. Fearful to go anywhere by myself, but a little too uncomfortable to be doing too much around the house. I started reading a book last night...maybe that will keep me occupied for a bit. Oh, and in case you are wondering, I am so over tv, I don't even turn it on most days. Instead, I productively spend my hours sleeping and playing on the internet...go me!

Here's to hoping (and praying) that baby decides to come out, on its own accord, before Monday!

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  1. Hi Jessica! I am sure not as much as you, but we... alright, I, think of you and the baby coming along all the time. So many here at the Central Office love you, pray for you regularly, and ask about you. Among them today... Glenn, Janet and Robert! There were others too... Lisa, etc. I was thinking ... about now, that Baby G is wondering when it will get more space again too! Baby G is probably thinking, "Hey, I used to have a little more space and things are getting quite cramped in here." God has a time, and that time will be soon. I am praying, and hopeful, that it will be before Monday, and without your needing to be induced. Even so... you will do well honey!


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